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About Me

Full Stack Web Developer

Hi there!

Thanks for having a look at my work. I'm Ossi Jalonen, a full stack web developer with over 20 years of experience creating websites and everything web-related.


I started off with C, C++ and Java, and my first website back-ends were built with Perl. I then moved on to PHP which I still like to use to this day. Back then there weren't many frameworks around, but over the years I've become familiar with many back-end (and front-end) frameworks.

On another level

I like problem solving, have attention to detail, and end-to-end understanding of the development process. Being part of every step of the development process, I have excellent knowledge of the requirements of each step and experienced working together and communicating with team members at various stages of the project.


Having started off programming with a good set of languages, I find it quite easy to get started with new projects using any language and framework. I'm happy coding HTML5/CSS/vanilla javascript and plain PHP on smaller quick projects, or build RESTful API backend with Golang, using framework like Fiber, and front-end with SvelteKit.

Thank you

Thanks for having a look - do get in touch for more information.

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