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Web Development


Ossi Jalonen


Full stack developer with 20+ years experience using multitude of languages & frameworks, including PHP, Python, Go, Nodejs; Laravel, Slim, Django; Wordpress, Drupal; Svelte, Vue, Angular, React.
Over the years I've been part of every aspect of the development on a daily basis, from UI/UX, prototyping, and development to QA and deployment.
I’m also great with tools like XD, Photoshop, Illustrator & Figma. Always looking forward to a challenge, on my own or as part of a team, or on bigger projects managing a team of devs.


Problem solver

Analytical Mindset

~ Selected projects ~

Mainly as Senior Web Developer
@ Hybrid Eye, freelance and personal projects

Multi-timezone global virtual event for major chip designer

Developed multi-timezoned interactive conference website for 2500 delegates, including live presentations, breakout rooms, on-demand podcasts and high security streaming video platform; managing team of back-end and front-end developers, QA and devops

Development highlights

  • External registration system API integration
  • Custom mp3 podcast player plugin development
  • Custom instant messaging plugin development
  • Secure video stream plugin utilising signed S3 stored video files
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) to external presentation platforms and breakout rooms
  • Deployment to Kubernetes
  • Palo Alto Prisma security setup
Screenshot from project
Screenshot from project

Vonage Socials virtual event portal and post event micro-site

Developed interactive conference platforms for Vonage, including live presentations and breakout rooms as well as Single-Sign On solution.

Starting with pre-registration site with a count-down, finishing with the post-event microsite where live presentations from the event were made available on-demand.

BMW Customer Service Week microsite

As part of National Customer Service week, we designed and developed a user-friendly, responsive microsite that encouraged retailers to share their success stories by uploading personal anecdotes, self-made videos and photos.

This turned out to be so popular that BMW came back for a new microsite for another week-long event, followed by multiple multiple microsites around various car models.

Screenshot from project
Screenshot from project

Magnum Classic & Remix Quiz app

Interactive music quiz web apps for a Magnum event. These included two similar webapps for listening to music and testing your knowledge in a fun way. The responsive apps were made ready to work across multiple different devices such as iPad in webapp mode.

Jaguar Land Rover / Toyota Training App

Interactive Sales and Training web app with a RESTful API back-end. Designed to run on iPads during training events, but responsive enough to work on desktop browsers. The App was used in multiple events across Europe by both Toyota and JLR.

Some feature highlights

  • Presenter-controlled, synced presentation view, including note taking
  • Live comment wall
  • Polls and results display
  • Photos, galleries and videos
  • Q & A
  • Dynamic WordClouds
Screenshot from project
Screenshot from project

Interactive touch screen web app using Google Maps API for London & Partners

Working in partnership with Smyle we were commissioned to produce a map-based interactive touchscreen solution utilising Google Earth for the EITB event in Barcelona. The app allowed delegates to navigate London and displayed all L&P partner information, displaying text, images and video.

CAPITA Sales Tool

Internal sales tool for their employees to manage the demand for their products.

Screenshot from project
Screenshot from project

Save The Children Donation App

High profile event web app for raising money from global banks and institutions, 7 years running.

SoMeFilm webapp, Android mobile app and RESTful API back-end

Mobile Android App published in Google Play store and a fully responsive web app version for browsers across different devices.

ProductHunt top 10 app of the day (web app version)

Development highlights

  • Front-end, web app: version1 - Vanilla JS / JQuery; version 2 - SvelteKit
  • Mobile version (Android): Flutter/Dart (Cross-platform).
  • Back-end: Restful API with Slim framework (PHP);
  • Integration with multiple external APIs.
Screenshot from project

~ Accessible websites ~

The above portfolio section includes mainly projects either already finished or not accessible to the public. Please find below some samples of websites that are currently online - click on the website name to view the website.

~ Graphics, visuals & UI elements ~

Not all projects are web or app.

  • Earn It website
  • Canopius animation
  • Chubb app onboarding
  • Ada app
  • APM event
  • oracle Continuum app
  • ISL website
  • IVF Babble website
  • John Deere Animation